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Eligibility Criteria:

Any Professional with 2 years of continuous work experience & compulsory having HSC or Diploma from any reputed University/ Institute or Polytechnic

Course fees

INR ₹ 135700.00
(Scholarship Available)
No Cost EMI is Available

Course Type

Professional Graduate


Textile Engineering


24 Months

Intake per Batch

40 Students

Professional Graduate Programme In Textile Engineering

Professional Graduate Programme in Textile Engineering is the professional course for those who wish their Post Graduate Programme in Textile Engineering to Improve their skills through such an effective skill development program.

Skills and experienced gained

A learner will be assessed for the learning outcomes per unit. Learners will be required to demonstrate they have knowledge about the unit in the assessment by producing their own work.

Course Content(Subjects)

We consistently review our courses to ensure we are up-to-date with industry changes and requirements from our graduates. As a result, our modules are subject to change.

Unit-1.  Engineering Mechanics - I

Unit-2.  Textiles Fibers - II

Unit-3.   Elements of Materials Science - II

Unit-1.   Engineering Thermodynamics - II

Unit-2.  Mechanics of Machinery - I

Unit-3.  Man-Made Production - II

Unit-1.  Engineering Skills - II

Unit-2.  Fiber Science Textiles Physics - II

Unit-3.   Manufacturing Technology - II

Unit-1.  Applied Mechanics - II

Unit-2.  Fabric Structure Design Analysis - II

Unit-3.  Weaving - II

Unit-1.   Yarn Manufacturing - II

Unit-2.  Unconventional Weaving - I

Unit-3.  Fabric Manufacturing - II

Unit-1.  Theory and Design of Spinning Machinery - I

Unit-2.  Engineering Properties of Textiles Machinery - I

Unit-3.  Theory of Textiles Structure - I

Unit-1.   On The Job Project Based Learning

Unit-2.  Case Study Analysis

Unit-1.  Business Case Study Analysis - II

Unit-2.  On the job Project Base Learning - II

How you'll be assesses

  1. Thru a quiz at the end of every lecture, designed for self assessment by student and is voluntary.
  2. Thru online examination at the end of each component for all subjects studied in that component.
  3. A virtual viva ( oral ) examination for specific courses by team of competent faculty members.
  4. Business Case Study Analysis and On The Job Project Report is evaluated for practical learning.
  5. IIMTS has a prescribed Assessment & Grading Policy  and a Plagiarism Policy which are strictly followed while Assessment process .

Learning Delivery Pedagogy

  1. EduQual Accredited Courses of IIMTS are delivered on Online Distance & Blended Learning Platform.
  2. The learning Delivery is thru a planned daily lectures on virtual platform by Competent Faculties.
  3. The recorded lectures as well as the reading material is available in form of PPTS- Reading Notes – E- Books on our leaning portal & the student can have access 24 x 7 thru the log in id and password.
  4. The weekly schedule of virtual live lectures is mailed in advance to the student on his registered mail id.
  5. IIMTS ensures holistic learning thru A combination of virtual lectures, case studies / problem solving exercises and On The Job Practical Learning Project.

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IIMT Studies FAQs

Graduates can pursue occupations in material arrangement, collecting, assessment, and the chiefs. Organizations like plan, clinical consideration, and vehicle dependably search for gifted specialists for grouped applications in textile processes. Thus, distance learning program in textile engineering is on the rise.

Without a doubt, many ventures offer specializations like material science, clothing planning, and undeniable level materials. This licenses students to accommodate their tutoring to unequivocal calling interests and industry demands. Therefore, distance learning textile engineering courses is a famous choice for most of the students and graduates in India.

For sure, dependable associations offer web-based programs with a comparative instructive arrangement and staff. Online degrees are dynamically seen, giving versatility to working specialists without choosing quality guidance. Therefore, this course is found online as e-learning textile engineering course for promotions that attracts multiple students.

Tasks routinely require 1-2 years to get done, dependent upon whether it is a specialist’s or support program. This length thinks about a thorough cognizance of Textile Engineering norms and applications. Hence, textile engineering degree online for professionals can add to their life an advanced direction and field experience.

Tasks base on design, delivering cycles, reasonability, and improvement in materials. Graduates gain solid areas for an in specific and regulatory capacities, setting them up for various positions in the business. You can try such a textile engineering distance learning course online for advancing your career.  

A couple of tasks recognize individuals with critical work knowledge, allowing an important opportunity to calling transformers to get explicit data in Textile Engineering. This inclusivity develops an alternate learning environment. Thus, having a part time degree in textile engineering helps you gain vitality in different sector.

Many undertakings serious solid areas for have with industry assistants, working with transitory positions, errands, and guest addresses. This joint exertion ensures students gain commonsense pieces of information and industry-significant capacities during their examinations. Thus, based on industrial demands it is a mandate nowadays for correspondence learning in textile engineering.

Online stages, online courses, and industry events give coordinating possible entryways to online students to interact with specialists and sidekicks. These affiliations work on composed exertion, mentorship, and receptiveness to industry designs. Hence, there are multiple part time degree in textile engineering that can be offered from a good university and helps you pace up your career goals sufficiently.

Tasks address emerging examples like splendid materials, viable practices, and modernized produce. This ensures graduates stay at the forefront of the business, outfitted with data agreed with creating business area demands. You may try correspondence learning in textile engineering as a good alternative in your regular working field.

A high level training on distance learning program in textile engineering gives data and capacities, making graduates vicious in the material business. It opens approaches to important, influential places, research positions, and significant opportunities to drive improvement in material arrangement and gathering.

Resources for learners to comply to study efficiently

Standard Fees of the Course

Course is accredited by EduQual, a regulated awarding body, approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA-Accreditation), UK.
The institution is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Furth and Higher Education as an Online, Distance and Blended Learning provider.

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Course Specification, Semesters, fee structure, Subjects etc.

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