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Organization History

The brand IIMT Studies is a mission of Burly Institute of Global Education and Research Pvt Ltd, to “Enable Growth through Education”. The mission was launched in 2009 with the sole aim to establish a brand of quality education in Online, Distance and Blended Learning to offer industry-oriented certification courses which leads to industry based skill competencies and knowledge.

IIMT Studies ensures to comply with the vision “ Make in India and Skill India “and maintain the best possible output out of the programme through best teaching practices. It offers e-learning, employee development programmes, certification courses and also offers quality online learning experience to it’s learners globally. IIMT Studies believes in innovative research based education standards and encourages learners to demonstrate their practical knowledge through assessments, projects and case studies.

IIMT Studies Credentials

  • Accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent, Further, and Higher Education as an Online, Distance and Blended Learning provider, an establishment by British Council and Department of Education in the UK
  • Recognised by EduQual, an awarding body in the UK under Scottish Qualification Authority
  • PPP partner with Directorate of Employment and Training, Government of Gujarat, under PPC model in India

Over the years, the student network of IIMT Studies through its certification courses has grown above 16000 in 46 nations, working in corporates.

IIMT Studies offers accredited programmes by EduQual and, is fully accredited by the British Accreditation Council.

Being a part of Burly Institute of India, IIMT Studies has also offered more than 500 Corporate Programme to leading corporates such as and many more.

In 2018, IIMT Studies spread its wings to England in London for certification courses. IIMT Studies based in the UK is also accredited by the British Accreditation Council for its quality standards to provide education in the UK.

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