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Course design, development and review process

IIMT Studies believes in providing industry-oriented curriculum to learners through its certification programmes. Our courses are designed under close monitoring of subject specialists and reviewed by industry experts who contribute in employment progression of learners.

IIMT Studies ensures industry-based course curriculum for every course that imparts skills, competencies and knowledge required to be acquired by the learner after completion of that course so that he or she improves the level of his or her performance at the workplace.

IIMT Studies endeavours to ensure the entire process of Design & Development of Curriculum of all courses – accredited, to be done in the utmost professional manner and through competent professional to help the learner to achieve his/her end objectives of attaining learning and achieving career progression with the help of skill, competence and knowledge achieved through these courses.

IIMT Studies follows the set policy to design and develop the course curriculum for its short courses, certificate programmes and training programmes for its learners.

The below explains the development of course curriculum for our courses:

Review and revision:

 is the process of benchmarking and upgrading the existing course curriculum with:

Qualification experts to meet the UK national standards of the curriculum which is additionally reviewed by external verifier/s. The process ensures:

  • Recent industrial trends and requirements
  • Current technological advancement and innovation in that field/discipline
  • The course curriculum which is being offered to the learner by leading renowned institutes globally
  • The recommendations made by the HR Advisory Corporate body for the particular course curriculum
  • Suggestions and research documents prepared by the expert team of Research Wing

The policy is reviewed annually by expert panel and the external reviewers.

Learning delivery

IIMT Studies ensures that the learner succeeds in the attainment of appropriate skills, competence and knowledge while pursuing the course through proper delivery of learning.

IIMT Studies engages a competent and qualified teachers/faculties to deliver learning to the learner in the respective stream, discipline. All the learners, have a uniform learning pattern and facilities. The Learning delivery process establish a mechanism or process to ensure the learner has access to live as well as recorded lectures for learning and revision of the syllabus/learning at his or her convenience.

The learner is provided with a facility or mechanism to resolve queries related to learning and learning delivery. While offering the course learning delivery IIMT Studies ensures that:

  • Every course offered by IIMT Studies have a prescribed standard course curriculum as defined along with a units and, learning outcomes.
  • The prescribed course information is designed and developed to ensure attainment of skills, competence and knowledge by the learner.
  • The learning delivery team follows the same course information to impart complete the learning through appropriate teaching thru lectures, reading notes, case study method, on the job live projects or any such method of learning.
  • The assessment – evaluation and examination are conducted to assess and evaluate the attainment of learning of the learner based on this prescribed curriculum only.
  • Supervised learning is provided to learners through various learning delivery platforms such as Microsoft Teams.
  • Every course has prescribed Total Qualification Time (TQT) and the learner is expected to attain the required learning outcomes.

Resources & Facilities for learning: IIMT Studies is responsible for ensuring the following minimum resources and facilities for all their learners to impart leaning as per the Learning Delivery Plan:

  • A virtual platform where live lectures can be streamed as per the learning delivery plan.
  • Adequate infrastructure to conduct remote classroom lectures.
  • Competent, relevantly qualified and experienced teacher for each stream and subject to impart total learnings as per the course description.
  • Recorded lectures for the revision of the course.
  • Reading notes and reference material for each module, as mentioned in the course description of each subject.
  • Coaching, counselling and mentoring facilities with the help of professionals having expertise in relevant subject or module for enhanced learning and guidance to the learner.
  • Effective Customer Support and Relationship team to assist the learner in ensuring his learning delivery related queries.
  • The lectures will be provided on the learning portal of IIMT Studies.
  • Every learner will be provided with the secured learning to access the learning resources.

Assessment and evaluation

IIMT Studies provides valid, reliable and authentic assessments and evaluation through the course cycle using effective assessment methods.

The assessment objectives are:
  • To ensure attainment of appropriate learning by learners who meet assessment criteria defined in the policy.
  • To ensure identification of malpractices and maladministration involved in the assessment exercise, and upon the identification, steps to be taken on the centre and the learner.
  • To ensure the accountability of centres while conducting modes of assessment and internal quality assurance.
  • To ensure the specification of staff required to be involved in the assessment, internal quality assurance and external quality assurance.
  • Statement of quality assurance for the overall assessment process by centres.
  • To ensure the rigorous process followed for all assessment modes applied by centres to conduct the overall exercise of assessment.
  • To ensure listing the parameters to be followed for internal quality checks of assessments.
  • To ensure rigorous external checks to be done before the certificates are issued to learners.
  • To ensure all assessments are recorded, kept safe in a secret position in order to maintain its confidentiality.

Assessment also contains below steps:




Assessment marking


Assessment moderation


Final interview


Internal and external quality assurance

Internal and external quality assurance

Internal and external quality processes

IIMT Studies ensures quality parameters and qualitative implementation to deliver quality deliverables to stakeholders.

The Quality Assurance process will remain focused in the following area :

  1. Quality assurance thru out assessments
  2. Appointment of process owners for each quality process for compliance and monitoring
  3. Internal and external quality assurance of assessment and processes
  4. Identification of non-compliance, malpractices and/or maladministration in assessment methods
  5. Processes to be followed during internal and external quality assurance
  6. External quality assurance thru sampling process

Corporate advisory board

The corporate advisory board plays a vital role in IIMT Studies quality assurance process of development of courses. To be able to ensure the highest quality of the programme, the board also ensures to look at market research area prior to reviewing the courses.

The board work hand-in-hand with the governing council of the organization which closely monitors the course development practice and its periodic review. The corporate advisory board comprise of:

  • Senior corporate leaders holding expertise in the area of a specific field
  • Different verticals of industries
  • Various sectors (Ex: Public and Private)

Policies and processes

  1. Reasonable adjustment and special consideration
  2. Equality and diversity
  3. Assessment policy
  4. Student grievance monitoring and redressal policy
  5. Data protection policy
  6. Dealing with Malpractice and maladministration
  7. Conflict of interest
  8. Complaints and appeal process
  9. Recognition of Prior learning
  10. Accelerated learning

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