Student enrolment policy

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01 Aug, 2019


Learning Delivery Function

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Chairman IIMT Studies Ltd. UK

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01 Jul, 2021


Learning Delivery Function

Approval Body

Chairman IIMT Studies Ltd. UK

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30 Aug 2021 To 01 Jul, 2022


Learning Delivery Function

Approval Body

Chairman IIMT Studies Ltd. UK

Version 3

30 Aug 2022 To 01 Jul, 2023

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Table of Contents

  • A. Policy Statement
  • B. Guidelines
  • C. Eligibility
  • D. Documentation
  • E. Responsibilities

A. Policy statement:

This policy is framed to ensure assistance & guidance to the candidate to take appropriate decision in the selection of online course. This policy is also aimed at providing correct and complete information on the services, facilities & resources; the student will be entitled to after taking enrolment. To explain & give a holistic understanding of all processes, policies & norms applicable to the student after his enrolment. To ascertain the eligibility of the student and ensure the student possesses competencies required by the academic program, he or she plans to undertake.

B. Guidelines

(A) Counselling Process:

  1. The Career Counsellor or the Sales Team Member should collect applicant’s complete details regarding his qualifications, experience and current job profile, so as to enable to provide appropriate guidance to the applicant.
  2. The counsellor/sales team member must understand the career aspiration and career progression plan of candidate & then explain what the best options available for him/her in terms of academic programs are.
  3. The applicant must be explained about the credential of the institute and also accreditation, credit point framework of the courses he is considering.
  4. The applicant must be given complete clarity on the mode of learning, mode of payment of fees & also the support services available to him as a student, after enrolment.
  5. The portal should carry all relevant information which helps the applicant to understand the organization, the product it offers & credentials of products available.
  6. The applicant is aware of all policies available on the website and have understanding about the access of the portal where his/her studies will commence.
  7. The applicant comply with all policies and processes of the IIMT Studies while enrolling for the desired programme.
  8. For student induction, please read the education portal policy.

C. Eligibility

  1. The candidates who want to apply for our academic programmes will have to meet with following basic conditions, other than the qualification criteria:
    • i. Proficiency in English which is equivalent to Band 6 of IELTS. Also must be able to understand technical jargons/ words / technical terms of the relevant discipline or field.
    • ii. Computer Literacy – includes hands-on knowledge on Microsoft WordExcel- PowerPoint, Internet operations, MS Teams and hands-on, on mobile applications and social medial applications.

D. Documentation

  1. The applicant has to provide documentary evidence in support of his or her claim on his or her education, age, residential proof, nationality, work experience.
  2. The applicant is expected to submit self-attested copies of documents in support of all parameters as mentioned in (i) above of Documentation segment of this policy.
  3. The sales manager or the career counsellor will ensure that the self-attested copies of documents submitted by the applicant are verified with respective original documents.

E. Responsibilities

    1. It will be the sole responsibility of the applicant to provide correct information & genuine documents in support of his claim to prove his eligibility for the course which he or she intends to apply.
    2. In case of any act of wrong declaration or submission of wrong documents, the student will be given one opportunity to submit his explanation or clarification, however, if he or she still found guilty, may be disqualified for the course and will not be eligible for any refund of fees. This may result in refusal of the registration.
    3. The career counsellor or the sales manager will be liable to an appropriate penalty in case of any discrepancy observed in the verification of document of eligibility, as per the internal code of conduct of the organization
    4. More information on this document can be found in education portal policy and other relevant policies of IIMT Studies such as Malpractice and Maladministration.

    The President – HR & SA, will be responsible for compliance of policy & his interpretation will be final in case of any ambiguity in interpretation.

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