Examination Month

Exams are conducted online four times in a calendar year. Examination months are March, June, September and December. Candidate can apply for exam online based upon the eligibility criteria. Exams are done online in the above months and students appear selecting the date chosen by them at their convenience.

Exams are conducted in the mentioned months and student can apply and give the same based upon the semester they are eligible too. Excellent student support is extended during complete exam month. Student can contact the customer support by creating a ticket under “Help Desk” . They can select “Exam” as the department in Helpdesk tab and then mention their query in detailed manner. The exam department will check the ticket and revert on the same extending the support to the students during this period. Tickets assist student in getting timely solution of their queries related to the exam and complete the same on time. Exam tickets can be bifurcated as technical, non-technical categories. Technical category assist you in getting solutions related to technical glitch (if any) on website and non-technical category is mostly related to support required from faculty, any queries related to study materials or question papers if any. We, at IIMT Studies, strive to ensure that examination process is an ease for all students neglecting the general concept of regular exam process.