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01 Aug, 2019


Learning Delivery Function

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Chairman IIMT Studies Ltd. UK

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01 Jul, 2021


Learning Delivery Function

Approval Body

Chairman IIMT Studies Ltd. UK

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30 Aug 2021 To 01 Jul, 2022


Learning Delivery Function

Approval Body

Chairman IIMT Studies Ltd. UK

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30 Aug 2022 To 01 Jul, 2023

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  • B. SCOPE


  1. One of the vital method of judging the performance of the student inform his or her acquiring knowledge and quality of learning is “ Examination & Evaluation ”. Evaluation is an academic activity to give the student feedback on his efforts, and it’s final outcome in the learning process. IIMTS UK believes that the student has a right to know about this process and also considers that the process has to be uniform and transparent. We at IIMTS UK hold ourselves accountable for the evaluation of the student performance, and for communicating the results of that evaluation in a clear, consistent and equitable manner and hence IIMTS has framed this policy. The purpose of this policy is to establish a clear, consistent and equitable approach for recognizing and reporting student’s achievement during his earning process with us.


1. Head– Learning Delivery & Assessment, who reports to Chairman, IIMT Studies Ltd. UK, is responsible for framing, reviewing, communicating & implementing this policy.

2. This Policy applies to all students who are on the roll of IIMT Studies Ltd. UK, It’s an associate franchisee and the affiliating partners. The policy applies to the Examination wing, Evaluation Section & Learning Delivery Team of IIMT Studies Ltd UK and all its affiliates.

3. The Policy has to be displayed on all possible platforms of IIMT Studies Ltd UK, and it’s affiliated so that the student has access to this policy with ease.

4. The CSR function and The Sales Team will be responsible for educating the student before and after the enrolment on this policy.

5. Team HR will be accountable to educate every new team member & recruitee of IIMT Studies Ltd. UK during the induction process similarly, the business affiliate of IIMTS also will ensure the same for its new employees before taking them on board. Associate Vice-President, Academic and Student Affairs Deans / Associate Deans / Directors Education Council Faculty members President Registrar’s Office Responsible Administrators Students Student Services(i.e., Counsellors, Aboriginal Student Services, Accessibility Services, etc.)


  1. 1. STUDENT: Any professional who has enrolled for any course with IIMTS UK and is still pursuing his/her studies.

    2. GPA. GRADE POINT AVERAGE (GPA): A calculation of the total points and credits for all courses represented on a term or cumulative basis, for the entire course. This represents an average of all semesters for that course. This term is used in the result documents.

    3. MARKSHEET /TRANSCRIPT: The document containing the subject wise – semester will result in a consolidated form duly validated & approved by respective authorities of IIMTS.

    4. GRADING SYSTEM: The policy containing guidelines for evaluation for the faculties so that a uniform pattern and process is followed while evaluation of examination.

    5. ASSESSOR: the expert faculty of a subject who is competent in the particular subject or course and who is responsible for the assessment & evaluation of the answer sheet of the student.

    6. MODERATOR or REVIEWER: is the neutral professional with a domain expert for a particular subject or a course who will review & revalidate the evaluation done by the assessor.


Grade Numerical Value Achievement Level Description & Notes :

  • 1. A+ Grade –85% and above
  • 2. A Grade — 70 % to 84.99 %
  • 3. B Grade – 60 % to 69.99 %
  • 4. C Grade – 50 % to 59.99 %
  • 5. D Grade – Below 50 %

The above grading system will be diluted in case the student id found guilty under the plagiarism Policy Of IIMTS UK.


1. Students must fulfil all requirements of the IIMTS Program course with a minimum of 50% marks in each subject to be declared overall successful in each semester examination.

2. The student will be allowed to move forward to next semester learning module only when :

3. The student successfully clears all subjects with a minimum of 50 % marks in each subject.

4. He/she has cleared all subjects with minimum 50 % of marks in each subject, as mentioned in E-1 except two subjects which he has not been able to successfully clear. These subjects will have to be cleared with a minimum 50 % of marks along with the next semester examination, failing which he may not be allowed to take up future semester learning.

5. In case of failure in any subject -semester, the student will get a maximum of three attempts to clear exam failing, which the student will have to repeat the course by enrolling as a fresh student.

6. To earn the course certificate/final mark sheet/transcript of the course, the student has to successfully complete all the semesters with a minimum Grade C, as per the grading policy mentioned in Clause D.


1. The student has a right to apply for re-evaluation / re-assessment of any of or all the subjects of a particular semester; however, the application has to be submitted online thru the learning portal within the time frame.

2. The student has to apply online for re-assessment within 12 working days of declaration of results thru the appropriate system on the portal.

3. The student has to make a payment of Rs. 300/- per subject for re-assessment.

4. The re-assessment has to be carried out thru an independent Faculty/Moderator/Reviewer and not the same faculty who has earlier evaluated the answer sheet.

5. The Re-assessment result will be declared within ten working days.

6. The result after the re-assessment shall be treated as final and binding to the student as well as to the institute and no further query shall be entertained.

7. In the case of Grade D, a student has to reappear in the examination after paying the necessary charges at the cost of INR 300 or £ 4 per subject.


1. The faculty shall follow the following norms and criteria while assigning grades for any answer – during the evaluation process ( Grade Structure, as mentioned in Clause D above).

2. The length of the answer has to match with the characters limit as prescribed for each question. The tolerance limit or allowable variation will be up to 20 % only. This compliance will have 20 % weightage provided the answer is relevant to the question.

3. In descriptive and subjective questions, usage of illustrations / graphical presentation/ relevant image etc will have 20 % weightage.

4. In technical questions which are subjective & descriptive, 30 % weightage will be given to the relevant technical jargons / technical proverbs & phrases / technical terminology. The student not using relevant technical words /jargons/terminologies and describing answers in laymen’s language will lose this weightage advantage.

5. Direct copy paste from any sources or violation of Plagiarism policy may lead to deduction of marks varying from 10 % to 50 %, depending on the gravity of the violation of policy.


1. The purpose of grace marks is to help the student go to the next level of education or course ignoring minor lapses in one of the subjects provided the student has otherwise passed in all other subjects with minimum 50 % of marks.

2. The grace mark is applicable to the student only if the student has secured a minimum of 50% of marks in all other subjects individually.

3. The Learning Delivery Team ( and not one member of the team ) of the concerned subject is authorized for the grace mark of maximum two in only one subject or one mark each in maximum two subjects per semester; per student. In all; per student per, semester, the Learning Delivery Team, as a unit, can give total grace of two marks in a semester.

4. The student is eligible for grace marks as follows, subject to acquiring a minimum 50 % of marks in rest of the subjects, individually:

  • » Total grace of two marks in one semester – The Learning Delivery team is authorized for the same.
  • » Total grace of three marks in a maximum of two subjects; subject to scoring 50% marks in each subject. The written formal approval for three marks grace is required from Head- Learning Delivery System.
  • » Total grace of five marks in a maximum two subjects; subject to scoring 50% marks in each of the remaining subject, and scoring overall 65% marks for that semester. The written formal approval is must from The Chairman – IIMT Studies Ltd UK for this grace of more than three marks.
  • » During the entire cycle of studies, one student is eligible for the grace marks in maximum of two semesters. The student can not get the grace of more than four marks per subject; subject to the formal approval, as mentioned above, and total grace of five marks in a maximum of two subjects; subject to approval from the Chairman.
  • » In no case, the student can get more than four marks of grace in one subject in a semester and can not obtain grace in more than two subjects in one semester subject to maximum grace of total five marks subject to overall percentage criteria.
  • » Any grace request for more than five marks has to be approved by Governing Body; however, in no case, any application can be considered for grace in more than two subjects per semester and more than two times for one student in the entire cycle of studies.

In case of any ambiguity in interpretation, the interpretation & decision of Chairman – IIMTS will be final and binding to all.

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