• Courses offered by IIMT STUDIEDS are Jointly with reputed body of India and England. The courses are the certificate courses and cannot be considered as the degree programmes.
  • We are offering Post Diploma Certificate after diploma programme or if anyone is interested for the Graduate Programmes.
  • Soon IIMT Studies, Dubai Branch: named as Lift the career will start offering training programmes approved by Knowledge Human Development Authority of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • 3 to 6 lectures in a week for all the courses will be compulsory. They can be taken online from anywhere. There is no limitation of place to go and learn the lectures.
  • Every programme has its standard duration: Training Diploma / Professional Graduate Programme 12 months / 16 months respectively (management and engineering). Post graduate programme (engineering): 11 months, Post graduate programme (management): 11 months.
  • To enrol in every course: there will be an entrance test given by the student and based on that only a student will qualify the enrolment. Papers will be available shortly. The exam will be conducted online every month.
  • 2 years of work experience is mandatory to enrol in any course (except Government ITI joint certificate programme).


  • All Engineering certificate courses are compulsorily offered jointly with CCESD, The Institution of Engineers GSC and under the recognition of City of Oxford College, Oxford (UK).


  • All logistic courses will be offered compulsorily with CII.
  • All Diploma and Post graduate courses in Management will be offered jointly with Centre of UGC – HRDC at Kumaun University, Nainital.
  • Diploma in Management studies will have the duration of 9 months whereas the Post Graduate programme will have the duration of 11 months, as agreed by the Director of Centre of UGC- HRDC, Nainital.


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