Sachin Kumar Shrestha

Since joining IIMT, I've been consistently impressed by the high caliber of education and the dedication. The online platform seamlessly integrates interactive learning tools, making the material engaging and accessible. Whether it's through online lectures, I've found myself deeply immersed in the subjects I'm studying. Moreover, the support system at IIMT has been exceptional. From the responsive customer service team to the knowledgeable tutors, I've always felt supported and valued as a student. Whenever I've encountered challenges, there has always been someone readily available to assist me, which has greatly enhanced my learning experience. Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the IIMT community. The knowledge and skills I've gained here have not only expanded my academic horizons but have also equipped me for success in my future endeavors.


Drashti Mehul Patel

As for the assistance, feedback and general help of the IIMT studies services and staff, I found them excellent. They are very patient and switched on. The services from IIMT administrative staff are excellent. I like that the course included step by step exercises. IIMT Studies is a good institute for pursuing higher studies during the busy schedule in the work front. Thanks to the IIMT studies for providing a highly available option of studying this has enabled me to study as well as work without necessarily relocating to any other place.


Ravi Thakur

I am writing to share brief feedback on my studies at IIMT Studies. The curriculum is solid but could benefit from more industry-relevant updates. Faculty are excellent, Website and Portal is Great. Live lectures are preschedule and great with good audio video quality. Exam are well organized and with Questions related to Subjects. Overall, my experience has been positive and fulfilling. This learning is also boosting me in my Professional Life.


Shaun Harris

The Professional Graduate Programme in Mechanical Engineering at IIMT Studies has been a pivotal step in my career. The curriculum is meticulously designed, offering a comprehensive understanding of mechanical engineering principles and their practical applications. My counselor provided exceptional guidance and support throughout the course, making the learning experience both enriching and enjoyable. The flexibility of the program allowed me to balance my work and studies effectively, and the skills I acquired have been instrumental in my professional growth. Following the completion of the course, I was promoted to Maintenance Manager at Avant Mar. IIMT Studies has truly empowered me to achieve my career goals, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to advance their expertise in mechanical engineering.


Alberto Contante Pamesa

It is an honor to be a part of IIMT Studies (International Institute of Management & Technical Studies in Ahmedabad, INDIA). Distance Online Mechanical Engineering program because I am not just representing my batch but also my country. I feel amazed the culture in INDIA especially the engineering technology, digital information computer systems in IIMTS, that’s why I was encourage to continue to enroll distance learning online study, plus I have personal touch to the INDIAN COMMUNITY. Looking back at the photos I feel I like I want to back always even if I finished my online study near future in IIMTS. It is a precious treasure to me.


Kumara Guru Rangan

IIMT Studies is an excellent platform for learning and personal growth for the distance learning student as well for the part time. The IIMT faculty support during the course which enhance my studying stability growth. I will always be grateful to the staffs who are more helpful during the journey of my course.

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