Universal Healing Program

The information (reading material and lectures) provided in this course is for guidance purpose only. For the treatment and medication, the learners should consult their physicians.

Universal Healing Program

A Complimentary Program to learn stress management and relaxation techniques

The Universal Healing Program (UHP) has been launched by IIMT Studies, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. This simple and unique program has been structured for the health and wellness of corporate executives, professionals, doctors, preachers, teachers, students, homemakers, in sum, the entire Humankind. As this program has had universal appeal and benefited people from all over the world, IIMT studies is offering this program free of any cost. A certificate of participation will be given to all participants.

The program will teach participants the science of stress management and relaxation techniques. The Program, when combined with mainstream management of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) has made its management successful and affordable without compromising the survival benefit, resulting in removal of the fear of the disease. It also promotes Primary Prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD).

The architect and Course Director of this one-day program is the 85-year old Dr. Ramesh I Kapadia MRCP (Cardiology) FRCP (Edin.). A cardiologist of international repute, Dr. Kapadia is still very active in a second opinion consulting practice.

Who should attend:

We strongly recommend that EVERYONE attend this program. The program is simple, easy to understand and there are no academic prerequisites for this certificate course.

How can you earn the Certificate?

A student can earn a participation certificate after successfully completing the course. The certificate will be issued by the Director of the Universal Healing Program.


  • a) To create an awareness about cardiac health and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), and
  • b) To teach relaxation techniques to manage stress and get freedom from addiction to tobacco and alcohol.

Programme Duration: 60 Minutes

Programme Modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Light stretching and relaxation exercises – (Video available)
  3. Shavasana (Lecture and reading material available)
  4. Meditation (Lecture and reading material available)

Faculty: Dr. Ramesh I. Kapadia

Dr Ramesh I Kapadia - MRCP Cardiology FRCP Edinburgh

Dr. Ramesh I. Kapadia, MRCP (Cardiology) FRCP (Edinburgh) is an internationally acclaimed cardiologist with five and a half decades of busy consulting practice with exposure to best available advances in cardiovascular medicine. He was born in Valsad, Gujarat, India on 26 October 1934. He has had the opportunity to be in touch with both the worlds, east as well as west. Furthermore, he has experimented with very successful results with our age old practice of Shavasana and Meditation (Universal Healing Program, launched by him on Gandhi’s Birthday Anniversary, 2, October1991), to enhance the benefits of main stream medical approach by making it affordable and beneficial.

Dr. Kapadia has given lectures at many conferences and seminars. He delivered the prestigious Dr. Kempner Memorial Lecture at Duke University, USA in June 1994. He was invited as a Resource Person to deliver a talk on Universal Healing Program in holistic management of Coronary Heart Disease, at CAMHADD / WHO International Consultative Workshop held at Bangalore, India, in November 2001. He has also published a paper on his work in prestigious journal, *“Proceedings of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, UK”

He has been widely felicitated for his missionary work and was conferred the coveted Young Men’s Gandhian Association Ashok Gondhia Tabibi Seva Award in 1998. He has been appointed Adjunct Professor in Science and Non Violence Centre of Gujarat Vidyapith, a deemed university, founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920. With the background of consulting experience as a cardiologist, over a period of five and a half decades, Dr. Kapadia looks upon Universal Healing Program, as an essential complementary component, in total management of Coronary Heart Disease.

He is the author of eight books on coronary heart disease. They are published by Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad India, founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1919. All the publications can be downloaded free of cost from the website: universalhealing.org Large number of internet users across the world has been benefitted by it.

There is an App of Universal Healing Program (UHP) which can be downloaded from Play store in android & App store in IOS

*R. I. Kapadia, the Conservative Management of Coronary Heart Disease,
“Proc. Royal College of Physicians Edin 1997; 27: 554-558”

Course Benefit

UHPC focuses on training people in the practice of UHP and to deepen their social awareness regarding the forces leading to heart disease. UHP explains simple, effective and inexpensive ways to avoid CHD which leads to financial stress and impacts mortality. Scientists across the globe are convinced that increasing awareness of affordable and yet successful management of CHD will result in reducing the fear of the disease. It will also curb the alarming increase in the incidence of CHD.

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Recommendation of the UHP by Global Thinkers

E. Murat Tuzcu, M. D

- Professor of Medicine Vice Chairman, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, USA

Dr. Larry Dossey

- Executive Director, Alternative Medicine, National Institute of Health, USA